We believe ...


Individual investors need advice. Regulation intended to solve the broker’s conflict of interest problem has resulted in the complete absence of contextual advice in the digital brokerage experience. 



Regulators have focussed on subjective advice, based on human judgement, which needs to be documented and defended by the broker. Objective advice, though, does not carry similar regulatory burden or risk. 


By focussing on providing brokers with contextual objective advice rules, we can help investors make the best choices, and have the best outcomes. Because each rule is based on a provable objective formula, there is no risk that the advice can be wrong, or not in the client’s best interest.


Just Good Advice provides financial institutions an open library of advice rules that can be added to existing client interfaces to deliver the good advice the investor needs, where the investor needs it, and at no cost to the investor.  


What do we mean by Just Good Advice?


Objective investment advice personalized for your client’s needs. Each piece of advice is compliant with FINRA’s Suitability rule and the SEC’s Best Interest Rule.


A logical technology solution that generates the best answer to inputs.


Integration methods deliver guidance within the context of existing individual investment workflows.


Wealth management has several complicated advice areas that support fact based decisions on risk, asset allocation, portfolio construction and optimization. 



Why Just Good Advice?



Investors need help

Investors could use expert, fact based advice in order to make better investment decisions. Conflicts of interest regulations have made it difficult for brokers to provide them the advice that they need.


The missing service opportunity

There is an advice gap between robo-advisory services and wealth advisory services. 

Yet, individual investors have a need and desire to be supported with advice throughout their brokerage experience.


Advice + Context

By delivering in-context, automated components, advice can be delivered for the most relevant question, while also removing the conflict of interest.


Satisfying support

The online advice experience is seamless, integrated, and smart, enabling brokers to offer best-interest advice where clients want it as part of their ongoing relationship.


Our Platform is built as an open framework that brings together three functions in one architecture.



Investment advice presented visually and contextually through simple integration points within the existing client experience.


Open and independent knowledge base (catalog) of advice that covers a broad cross section of investment situations to support your clients' needs.  


Creation of advice through a factual and logical decision process based on inputs and selections specific to the investment strategy. 


About Us

We are a team of leaders, designers, product managers and engineers who have been developing solutions in the financial service industry for over the last 20 years.  

We see a need in the marketplace for accessible advice and decision support that has not been possible through previous platforms and solutions.  

JustGoodAdvice is our vision to provide next level investment support through modular technology.


Why Now?

Since the 2016 Department of Labor ruling, financial institutions and advisors have been scrambling to prove that their advice is in their client's best-interest. Most financial firms have a conflict of interest because their advice has a direct impact on their revenue. 

We are creating a business that just does advice, and therefore doesn't have the conflicts that come from getting revenue from a transaction or from getting a percentage of the sale of products.

Because we don't have a conflict of interest, we can provide best interest advice as a software service for the brokerage industry so that they can provide contextual best interest advice to their clients.

Our Founder

Jim Tanner has been in the business of providing independent solutions since 1991.